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Product Commercialization and Manufacturing Center services:

Design for manufacture, manufacturing methods, buy/build decisions, machine training, pilot manufacturing ...

LSSU Product Development Center Services:

The PDC is a not-for-profit activity of the LSSU College of Engineering, Technology and Economic Development that provides fee based engineering services to businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors. Engineering Project Managers with industrial experience participate in each project and guide skilled engineering students to provide an economical result for the client.

Whether a prototype device or process is needed or making an existing idea ready for market the PDC can help with engineering in the areas of Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Manufacturing and Robotic/Automation, Statistical Analysis, Technical Writing and Documentation.

If a project needs additional support in the business or sciences areas, the PDC can manage the project and collaborate with various departments of the university. For example, projects may benefit from the involvement of the LSSU School of Business in developing a marketing or business plan.

As a project develops from idea to marketable product, the PDC can interact with other economic development entities such as SSMart (Sault Ste. Marie Advanced Resources and Technology), Inc. and other SmartZones. .

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LSSU's Lukenda School of Business

At LSSU Lukenda School of Business we are a school committed to teaching excellence and outstanding business opportunities for students. Our faculty members are experienced educators as well as experts in their own specialty fields which includes Accounting, Economics, Finance, International Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Management.

Students study in small groups with a faculty member and are challenged to perform to the best of their ability. Above all, opportunities exist for students to learn as much as they can about degrees and careers in the area of business, economics, and entrepreneurship so that they can achieve their career goals. We are proud of our school and the programs we offer..

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Michigan Economic Development Corporation:

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation is a public-private partnership serving as the state's marketing arm and lead agency for business, talent and jobs, tourism, film and digital incentives, arts and cultural grants, and overall economic growth. MEDC offers a number of business assistance services and capital programs for business attraction and acceleration, economic gardening, entrepreneurship, strategic partnerships, talent enhancement and urban and community development.

MEDC, founded in 1999, also developed and manages the state's popular Pure Michigan brand.

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Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center (MI-sbTdc)

The MI-sbTdc is the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) "feet on the street," working with entrepreneurs to develop businesses from conception to achieving positive cash-flow.

They provide counseling, training, research and advocacy for new ventures, existing small businesses, and innovative technology companies, including technology counselors to provide more in-depth support and a roadmapping tool that helps clients evaluate the direction of their technology, departmentalize concepts, and chart strategic direction..

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The Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition

The Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition is an international business competition designed to bring together later stage entrepreneurial companies with local, national and international investors.

It showcases the best and brightest new business concepts to investment capital to help foster their growth within Michigan. Targeting entrepreneurs with mid-to-late seed-entrepreneurial businesses. The competition has an immediate and positive impact on the economy of Michigan. .

In 2012, sixty venture capitalists from fifty one firms judged the competition. This providing a great network across the country as well as constructive feedback to help the participating companies in their persistent drive for excellence..

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Great Lakes Entrepreneurs Quest (GLEQ)

The GLEQ is a state-wide business plan competition, takes place twice a year, and offers multiple prizes including a top prize of $100,000. The GLEQ also matches companies with experienced coaches to guide them through the competition and holds more than 20 training and networking events for 400+ technology companies each year..

- Start-up businesses as well as student teams participate. .

- Outcomes include development of a business plan and an elevator pitch for finalists..

- 180 volunteer judges and 300 coaches are needed for a successful competition. If you are interested in either coaching or volunteering, an average of 6 hours of your time is committed.

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BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting

BBC, Etc. (BBC) BBC etc provides commercialization services, including SBIR/STTR training and one-on-one proposal preparation assistance to technology entrepreneurs and early-stage technology companies throughout Michigan. - Some services require a co-payment by the client. BBC clients have a 30% better chance of obtaining federal research dollars than the national average..

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Business Accelarator Fund

The Business Accelerator Fund is a 2 year, $3 million fund that may be accessed by participating business accelerators statewide to provide specialized business acceleration services to companies commercializing advanced technology. The program was developed with input from 13 Michigan business accelerators and will leverage that network to spread best practices statewide and in tandem with the Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Centers (MI-SBTDC) business consulting, entrepreneurial education, and information based planning services.

The Business Accelerator Fund is a 21st Century Jobs Fund Program managed by the MI-SBTDC in partnership with the Michigan MEDCEconomic Development Corporation and Michigans network of business accelerators.

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Michigan Emerging Technologies Fund

The Michigan Emerging Technologies Fund (Michigan ETF) is designed to expand funding opportunities for Michigan technology based companies in the federal innovation research and development arena. The fund will matches both Phase I and Phase II SBIR/STTR awards until funds are exhausted.

- Matches up to 25% of the SBIR/STTR, with a maximum of $25K for a Phase I, and match up to $125K for a Phase II. .

- A company is no longer eligible to apply if they have more than 2 Phase II SBIR/STTR awards in the previous 5 years. .

- A company must raise 1- to -1 3rd party match to collect the full $125K for a Phase II. .

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NextEnergy, a statewide accelerator of alternative energy technologies, provides technology assessments, management and financial consulting services, access to demonstration and lab facilities, workshops, and matchmaking to alternative energy assets, suppliers and customers.

Whatever you need in the alternative energy field, NextEnergy can advance your project or to connect you to the resources you need to succeed.

Whether you are an inventor with an idea, a federal agency with a problem, a manufacturer trying to capitalize on the growing alternative energy sector, or a professional interested in the emerging alternative energy industry NextEnergy can provide an array of services and resources. .

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Michigan Pre-Seed Fund Investment Program

The Michigan Pre-Seed Capital Fund supports high-tech start-up companies as they near commercial viability by providing access to early-stage capital, accelerating company development. As a central fund to the Michigan SmartZone Network, these funds are designed to support this critical stage in the development lifecycle to prepare companies for follow-on private investment. Companies developing technologies in advanced automotive, manufacturing and materials, alternative energy, homeland security and defense and life sciences, statewide are eligible for these funds through the Michigan SmartZone Network.

The Pre-Seed fund investment is a convertible note up to $250,000.

Eligible companies have less than $1 million in revenues and less than $1 million in third party funding.

100% matching funds from a third party source are required.

Eligible companies will need to be past the concept development and analysis phase.

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Michigan Venture Capital Association

The MVCA is a non-profit trade organization designed to bring together venture capital industry participants in the state of Michigan. The goal of the organization is to grow and sustain a vibrant venture capital community in Michigan.

MVCA membership includes private venture capital funds, corporate venture capital funds, private equity firms, angel investors, and entrepreneurial infrastructure participants. More than 200 individuals are members of the MVCA, representing 70+ organizations across the state.

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